Thursday, October 7, 2010

Judy Ann Santos gives birth to baby boy named Juan Luis Pictures and Video

It's confirmed from the mother of Judy Ann Santos, Mommy Carol that Judy Ann Santos has already delivered and give birth for their first child of Ryan Agoncillo at Asian Hospital. At around 5:00 o'clock, Judy Ann delivered Lucio in a normal delivery. Lucio is the nickname of their child while his real name is Juan Luis Santos Agoncillo. Mommy Carol confirmed that Judy Ann and his baby boy is in good condition.

Juan Ann Santos First Baby - Juan Luis Pictures?

Pictures of Judy Ann Santos and her baby is not publicly out but you can see it here in this site once came out. There are speculations came out that Judy Ann gave birth last October 2, 2010 but that is just a hoax. Congratulations Juday and Ryan for a new baby boy.

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