Saturday, October 30, 2010

Georgia Versus Florida Football Game 2010 Classic Tickets and Winner and Live Streaming

Looking for the 2010 Football Match between Florida and Georgia Tickets and Live Streaming.

Historically, Georgia Versus Florida Football Game Match Classic actually started since 1915. It is an annual football game that happened between to big Universities, the University of Florida and University of Georgia. Treated as the much awaited rivalry between college University football. Who will be the winner in today's match? Many are still asking.

For the tickets in the football match, the ticket city released the tickets for October 30, 2010 match, TBA. You can buy the tickets here


For those who are looking for live streaming of the football match, watch it:

This football match is coined as the World's largest Cocktail party and always attended by students and football enthusiasts. The game usually happened at Everbank Field at Jacksonville, Florida.

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