Monday, October 11, 2010

First 100 days of Noynoy Aquino (Pnoy) Administration | Ok or not?

What can you say about the First 100 days of Pnoy (Noynoy Aquino) in his Administration? Are you satisfied or not? Students believed that the 100 days report of Pnoy did not pointed out the most important and controversial issues. According to some, it lacked because he did not mentioned anything about hostage taking.

The First 100 day report of Noynoy according to some has no difference from his inauguration and State of the Nation Address (SONA) report. Some filipinos believed that majority of the questions are scripted because they are very shallow and not directly hitting the bulls eye. At the end, students and employees from different sectors believed that the 100 days is very short for Pnoy to change everything, but they are hoping that before the end of his term, his promises will be visualized.

Noynoy Aquino First 100 Days Quote

Pnoy even quoted: Ang patuloy ko pong panata: Hindi tayo titigil. Habang dumarami tayo sa tuwid na landas, dumadali naman po ang tungkulin nating itama ang mali. Hinding-hindi po tayo titigil sa tuwid na landas. Unti-unti na pong natutupad ang ating mga pangarap.

How about you? Are you satisfied with the performance of our President? Do you have any concerns that you want to raise? Feel free to express what you want to say in our comment box below.

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  1. well i can rate him at 5 out of 10, all the good things we feel right now is still part of the former administrations doing, and the smooth transition to pnoy admin. what we ca really guage is by next year thats all pnoys doing by then. we can all point the finger at him by then. wheter its good or bad