Friday, October 29, 2010

Boeing 757 Airplane Hole Scares Passengers | Emergency Landing

A 2 foot Hole opened in the Boeing 757 Airplane to emergency land at Miami International Airport causing its 154 passengers to be scared. The emergency occurred on an AMR Corp.American Airlines route from Miami to Boston.

Federal Air Safety officials are still scrutinizing the incident happened in Boeing 757 last Tuesday. On the initial reports, the possible cause of the Hole is the loss of pressure inside the plane. This is due to a small hole in the fuselage above the first door on the left side of the plane.

Luckily, there are not reported injuries happened while performing emergency landing. According to reports, the cause of this incident is somewhat similar to the July 2009 incident which involves Southwest Airlines Co. Boeing 757 which also made an emergency landing in Charleston, W.Va. The plane landed because of loss in air pressure causing the passengers to wear their oxygen mask and landed immediately without any passenger injuries.

Boeing 757 Airplane Hole

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