Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Maja Salvador as Inday sa Balitaw in Wansapanataym

After Melai as Inday Bote in Wansapanatym, it is now Maja Salvador who will play the role of Inday Balitaw in the same Sunday fantaserye show in ABS-CBN. This series is a remake of a 1986 movie series acted by Maricel Soriano. Unlike Impostor, the previous TV series of Maja, the theme of this Wansapanatym episode will be light and more of comedy.

Inday sa Balitaw Picture featuring Maja Salvador

Talking about indays, "Inday Bote", "Inday Balitaw", Marian Rivera will also play as Super Inday in her new upcoming movie under regal films which is also included in the Metro Manila Film Festival 2010.

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