Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gloria Diaz Persona non Grata in Cebu

Gloria Diaz, Miss Universe 1969 is now banned and declared as Persona non Grata in Cebu. This decision was made by the Vice Mayors League of the Philippines in Cebu. This action was made because Gloria Diaz belittled Cebuanos for their English speaking abilities.

The resolution demanded the former Miss Universe to have a public apology to Cebuanos. This resolution was formed after Diaz suggested that Miss Universe should have an interpreter when joining and competing this kind of international prestigious pageants.

Gloria Diaz felt shocked for the Persona non Grata issue. She even said:

“Let me clarify it once and for all. People should have the right to say or to answer [questions] in whatever language they want to say it in. If they're Cebuanos, they can say it in Cebuano. I did not say that they did not speak English,” “If you're Ilocano, say it in Ilocano. But if you're Ilocano who speaks good English, say it in English. If you're Cebuano who can speak Spanish, if you're comfortable with Spanish, say it in Spanish. That's what I said and that's what I meant,”

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  1. Dapat lang mag public apology si Diaz sa kanyang miss pronounce about the cebuanos, kung yan ang ibig niyang sabihin hindi nag react ang mga cebuanos, kasi malinaw ang kanyang explanation kay sa kanyang sinabi noong August 23, and it was recorded kaya kakahiya siya kung e band ka sa isang city o place good luck Ms. Diaz.

  2. Please, do not make it such a big issue. Relevant naman what she said. If we really want to win our candidate, we have to make tactics and techniques. It so happened na Mr. Raj is from Cebu but Ms. Diaz would want her to win. Beauty Pageant is like sports to Pinoy like watching Manny Pacquiao. Grabe naman yan VMLP! Hindi nyo hawak buong Cebu.

  3. I request that VMLP to be dissolved because they built hate to the public, instead of being understanding. Have a concscience of loving every Filipino.

  4. I agree VMLP is a useless organization.

  5. Who is that Del Mar sa senado or congreso? napakalaking gungong! Useless ang sinasabi nya! Maski nagsimula nito ng persona non grata, mas ingrata pa sila. Umayos nga kayo, mga gunggong!