Sunday, August 8, 2010

Angelica Panganiban apologizes to Gretchen Barretto

Angelica Panganiban finally broke her silence towards Gretchen Barretto. Angelica Panganiban apologizes to Gretchen Barretto after their word fight concering Derek Ramsay. She says sorry to Gretchen for what she have done, she also mentioned that there is still time for her to fix things, and if Gretchen will allow her, she is ready to befriend her if time permits.

Angelica Panganiban is the current Boyfriend of Derek Ramsay and starred in the soap opera named "Rubi". There were so many controversies that tested their relationship and the last is their verbal fight with Gretchen Barretto. She opened her mind to apologizing with Gretchen since it's Derek who said her that Gretchen is a good person.

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