Saturday, May 15, 2010

Installous V3.1 Download | Iphone Application

Looking where to download Installous V3.1 for iphone?

I have acquired my iphone last year and quiet having problems on how to download all the applications in App Store without having any hassle. Then I found out this Installous V3.1. How to download Installous V3.1? All you have to do is to search it in Cydia and download it, what's the point? the point is you can download all the applications in app store for free.

After downloading installous, you should have to install it, then restart your iphone. You can also upgrade the installous into v3.1 by rebooting your iphone so the changes you made will take effect. Now, go back to Cydia which will automatically scan for the other available upgrades. If you have an old Installous app installed like I did, it will include it in the list. Tap on it and it will prompt you to install the latest Installous version (3.1). Click OK to install.

Once installed, your iPhone will again reboot. Tap on the Installous icon on your screen to launch it. Test by downloading an app. Install and run the app. If it works, pat yourself on the back and smile.

If you do not have Installous yet, follow these steps:

1. Add to your Cydia sources list on your iDevice.
2. Search for Installous.
3. Install!

If you haven’t already installed an app on your iPhone from the Apple App Store (a free app will do), install one now.

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