Sunday, May 2, 2010

Curita Villar (Nanay Curing) | Manny Villar Mother

Do you want to know the mother of Manny Villar or more details about Nanay Curing?
Villar has remained in second place in pre-election surveys but has the advantages of a huge campaign kitty and an organization that’s run with corporate-like efficiency. And the press conference this particular Monday morning, although done in his absence, was called for the purposes of his campaign.

Nanay Curing, her voice shaky, was singing Nat King Cole’s “Stardust” to reporters. It’s the song, we were told, that she loves singing in duet with her second eldest son, Manuel Jr., whom she believes is being treated unfairly by both political foes and the media.

Curita Bamba-Villar, 86 and blind (due to glaucoma), was supposed to just ask journalists to stop picking on his son—an honest and helpful man, she said, but who is now being accused of influence peddling, land-grabbing, and deceit.

But Nanay Curing became emotional as she defended her son, her blood pressure shooting up to 130 over 90. Let her sing “Stardust,” her daughters said, and she’d calm down.

See the full video of ABS CBN's interview with Curita Villar, the mother of Manny Villar


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