Sunday, April 25, 2010

Youtube TV

According to news, Google is venturing to a Youtube TV. If you may remember, Google is the new owner of Youtube. But today, Google is planning a series of celebratory events for closer to the fifth anniversary of the public launch of YouTube in October 2005.Google bought YouTube in a 1.65-billion-dollar deal about 19 months after the online video-sharing service was founded in February of 2005. The Internet giant has been carefully transforming YouTube into a money-making stage for enjoying works ranging from backyard videos to independent films.

"YouTube has the potential to be a very instrumental part of Google's future Television plan," said Gartner technology analyst Allen Weiner.

"In the meantime they will tweak features to be more user friendly and will carefully follow what happens to Internet in living room." YouTube says more than a billion videos are seen daily on its website, which serves up money-making ads to viewers. An average of 24 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube each minute in an amount of content equal to 150,000 full length films over the course of a week.

If google will venture on Youtube TV, this will be another good feature that will be enjoyed by Youtube fans.


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