Monday, April 19, 2010

Treasure Isle Cheats and Tricks

Treasure Isle is an adventure game published by Zynga Games on April 1, 2010 for Facebook. Like any web-browser game from Facebook, in Treasure Isle the player’s main task is to level up his character while he tries to increase his income and to purchase items with the with the money they earn. However, in this game players can increase their level by earning enough experience points while they dig for treasures on the exotic islands from the game. To perform the digging actions the player needs energy which can be provided by the fruits available in the game. Each time the player performs an action the energy bar empties making the character incapable to dig for more treasures. Since the income is not such an important aspect in Treasure Isle, the page below will provide different links, tips, tricks and advice which will help players learn how to level up faster and how to get more fruits and energy in Treasure Isle.

Treasure Isle Cheats and Tips
Since in Treasure Isle, energy is the only way to play the game continuously there are secret ways to keep the energy bar filled for more time than other players. The only way to have the energy bar instantly filled to the max is by using Energy Packs or by leveling up. Since Energy Packs can only be received from your friends once per day you have to focus on leveling up faster. Here are some tips you should be aware of when you start playing Treasure Isle:

Keep your eyes on the XP bar and always be informed on how many points you need to reach the next level.

When you need only few points to level up do not use any fruit that will grant your character’s more energy than it needs. For example: If you need 1 more point to level up do not eat a mango which provides 25 energy points to the character. Use a kiwi instead, because if you consume a mango you will lose 20 energy points since you only need 5 energy points to reach the next level and your energy bar will be filled then.

When you reach higher level you will be able to use dynamite to clear larger rocks from your path. The interesting thing is that this action doesn’t requires any energy, therefore if you are out of energy visit another island and start using dynamite on the rocks you find. You will receive 5 XP points on each action, however be advised that dynamite can only be obtained from the store for 250 gold.

If you need 5 points to the next level you should consider opening gates, but for that you need gems. Open as many island gates as you can because this action doesn’t require any energy points. Visit new islands for more gates.

Visit your island’s neighbors as often as you can. Helping them will also grant experience points and while you do that make sure you collect the gems from their Gem Trees and the money from the floating chests. You also have to try to level up faster than anyone else because helping a friend with a lower level than yours grants your character’s 5XP points while helping a better ranked friend will only award 1 XP point.

Each Tiki Statue offers a chest. Digging near it you will find one and you will also get XP points. Consider this before digging anywhere else and you will be able to level faster.



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