Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cafe World Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Facebook Players are now engaged with looking how to speed up cooking at Cafe World by having Cheat techniques and tricks. Cafe World is a Facebook application like Restaurant City, Farmville and other zynga application. Here are the Cheats and tricks you are looking at:

There are actually Cafe World Cheats around the web but only few of them really works.

1. When you’re online, try to cook food that needs short hour(s) to prepare. For example – burgers. If you want to earn more coins, cook foods with long hours to prepare.
2. When you run out of foods, remove the door(s) so no customers will enter your cafe.
3. Visit your neighbors to gain more Cafe World coins. I do it everyday.
4. You can actually use 2 doors of 3 doors. This will allow your customers to come faster.
5. Food that requires long hours has long hours before it spoil or vice versa.
6. Arrange and install many tables and chairs but remember to keep distance with the wall to accommodate 2 to 3 customers.
7. Add more food servers so they can serve each customers immidiately as soon as they arrived in your cafe.

Activate Speed hack for Cafe World :

Always remember that speed hack can decrease cooking time and will increase your Cafe World rating. The higher rating, the more chance to earn as fast as you can. You need a Firefox, Cheat Engine 5.5 and Adobe Flash Player 10.0. Now open your cheat engine and choose Firefox. On the right side of the Cheat Engine, check the Speed hack and enter your desire speed. Remember not to increase your speed above 30 as it will reach the timeout.

Infinite stove and counter hacks:
Again you need a FireFox and download cheat engine 5.5. Go to Customize- Functional- Stoves. Look for line ‘4 of 4 stoves used and scan the “4”. Now start dragging the 1 stove from the cafĂ© down into the shop. Now you can see the line “3 of 4 stoves used” and scan the next “3”. Repeat the steps till you have 1-3 addresses left and then change the value of the. Remaining addresses to “1” and TICK freeze and that’s it, you can now have an infinite stoves. You can do the same procedures in counters too.


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