Sunday, March 14, 2010


Winner by Unanimous decision, MANNY PACQUAIO reigns victories over Joshua Clottey after 12 rounds of boxing. He won in the boxing fight coined as “THE EVENT” held at Dallas Cowboys Stadium, Arlington Texas this 14th day of March. The stadium was occupied by 51, 000 fans and viewers.

The fight of Manny Pacquiao (the pound for pound boxer in the world) with Clottey (a boxer from Ghana, Africa) can be considered as one of his hardest battles in his boxing career. Before the fight, predictions from boxing experts thought that this boxing match would not last in 6 rounds, but the world turned counterclockwise. Joshua has his peculiar style of boxing which made hard for Manny to accomplish his target. Clottey used his high-guard defense of covering his face avoiding the straight sound punch of Manny. Clottey has hammered style of punch and this made Pacquiao’s right eyebag to be bruised. Many scored in ROUND 1-10, 12 while Clottey only scored in ROUND 11. A boxing fight video is embedded below.
Pacquiao is being idolized by Clottey but unlike Pacquiao and dela Hoya fight where Manny shown his idolization with Oscar, this boxing match keeps the fire burning. Regardless of the opponent, the pound for pound champion who gained 7 different titles in 7 different divisions still substantiate his title.

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