Thursday, March 18, 2010

FACEBOOK users are targeted by Email Scams

Facebook users are being targeted by computer hackers through email scams trying to steal their passwords, this was confirmed by MacAfee. They said some of the world’s popular social networking sites were receiving emails from Facebook site informing them that they have to reset their password and click on the attachment incorporated with the email.

Security firm confirmed that the attachment is a password stealer that is installed when the user clicks the attachment. This is very dangerous since Facebook has an approximate of 350 million users, MacAfee added.

If you happened to receive this kind of email with a subject: “Facebook Password Reset Confirmation!Customer Support”. Don’t dare open it, and if you happened to receive such email, don’t be curious, just delete it.

This kind of strategy is not new to us, but I want everyone to be aware about this email scam, since we are all avid fan of Facebook and we don’t want to spend another year for our farm, for our ville and for our friends.


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