Saturday, February 20, 2010

Opening Ceremony of Pilipinas Got Talent Featuring the Dance Sport of Cebu

I happened to watch the opening of Pilipinas Got Talent in Cebu this Saturday and it amazed me, specially the Dance Sport Couple from Cebu.

I am really surprised with how they danced. I even took a picture from my television to showcase in this blog their unique and eye-catching dance flicks. Hope you like it. Can someone inform us the name of this two young Dance Sport Masters from Cebu? They are spectacular, from the trivial introduction of this couple, they said they already joined international competitions abroad which adds up to their remarkable performance.
Hope someone could give us information about them in the future.
My apology for the picture, this program hasn't uploaded their official website yet. Anyway, you can assure of updates with Pilipinas got Talent here.

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