Friday, February 5, 2010

How to use the database module for VB6 and Access 2003

How to use the database connection module in visual basic 6.0
Well, you have read on how to create a module for database connectivity in Visual basic in my previous blog. Now, we are going to use the module in your created log-in form.

Let’s code. Let us first perform the function of logging in:
Suppose we have created two accounts in your table LoginTable:

username Password
Wally password
Casuga pwd

Back to your design, double click the Log-in button and write the following codes:

Dim rs as recordset ‘this is just to set where you will store your record

Set rs = gsql(“SELECT * FROM LoginTable WHERE username = ‘” & txtUsername & ”’ and password = ‘” & txtpassword & ”’”
‘this is the query for retrieving username and password in the ms access dbase
If rs.recordcount <> 0 then
Msgbox “Access Granted”
Msgbox “Access Denied”
End if

So Easy right? Once you have configured the module rightly, you can manipulate your database in a very easy manner. If not. Please review again how to connect your database in visual basic.

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