Thursday, February 25, 2010

ANDREW KOENIG found dead

Andrew Koenig, an actor who have disappeared few days ago has been found dead in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. This was confirmed by Walter, Koenig's father saying that his son took his own life.

Andrew’s parents reported the actor who played Boner in the 1980’s television series as missing after they received a letter from him. The young Koenig sounded distraught in the letter, according to Walter. Andrew was last seen alive on February 14 when he left a friend’s apartment in Vancouver.

Koenig's body was found in an isolated section of the more than 1000 acre park. Pains was axed in 1992. He also dabbled as a stand-up comedian, film producer, and voice talent. He provided the voice for Ambush and Night Creeper Leader in the G.I. Joe cartoon series in the 1990s.

Police spent about a week searching for Andrew, who was reportedly suffering from clinical depression.

Andrew was born on August 17, 1968 and died February 25, 2010. He is known as Josh Andrew Koenig or Andrew Koenig, born in Los Angeles, California. He was an American character actor, film director, editor and writer and a son of actor Walter Koenig. He was known for his role Pavel Chekov in Star Trek.

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