Tuesday, January 26, 2010


You just have to create two separate layers for the image of two persons,
make sure that you relate and tone the color of two images accordingly, use brightness and contrast tool
use the eraser tool to erase the portion you want to delete. But before you do that, make sure that you set the hardness of the brush to to 0%.
Gotcha. it's finished....
Here are the sample result


  1. IMHO before you make any tuts you should consider practicing more. If you are planning to earn some money from this, do have the time to make good tutorials and samples so people will come back for more. I am not in any way putting you down. this would help you gain more hits and those hits will come back time and again.

    things to consider:
    1. clean up your pics. check the edges of your cuts. it looks reaaalllyyy bad.
    2. color correction. take time to learn this yourself first.
    3. LEARN photoshop. what your are doing is a "cut and paste" job. just because you did some "COOL" pictures doesn't mean you know it already to make a tut :)

  2. thank you very much. I will follow your comments. next time i add another tutorial. will be make sure it will be nicer than what is posted.